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If you like to sing in the car, sing in the shower, or maybe just hum along with the hold music…
we can make you a star!
Add Karaoke to your next event and your guests will never forget the great time they had.

A DJ ON THE MIC karaoke DJ is the life of the party! During times when your guests are deciding what to sing next, the DJ will continue to play from our extensive music collection. A karaoke DJ is a skilled technician that can change seamlessly from karaoke (singing) to DJ (music), and back again, all without losing momentum.

We can help you run a Karaoke Contest or your own version of American Idol!

DJ ON THE MIC is your karaoke party expert. We will provide a detailed Event Planner to determine your karaoke theme and get a list of special song requests. If there are any special song requests not already in our music library, they can be obtained before the event.

Our extensive music library is constantly updated, keeping the old and adding the new — and because our karaoke music is digital, songs load quickly, allowing for the maximum number of guests to have a turn at the mic. Let us show your karaoke talent to friends and family, and maybe some complete strangers!

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